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Hello there,


Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to be here with me. I spend time writing these words for you to encourage you to cultivate more Wealth and Love in your life. I have grown to understand that my story matters, and I strongly believe yours does, too. I am here to share with you as fearlessly as I can because I think sharing our stories is like turning all of the lights on, and I want to live in a world that is a little bit brighter.




Why I Write


Like far too many women and men, I experienced a toxic and damaging relationship for a few grueling years. When I realized just how bad it had become, I was fortunate to have the resources and relative freedom to get away, and I was able to move to a new city and begin a new life within a few months of truly deciding to walk away. I did not have to continue facing this person to fight legal battles for custody or divorce, and I did not have to legally unwind my life from his to achieve financial autonomy, as so many people do. 


When I left, I did not have children and didn't need to support anyone except myself. Sadly, this is a rare scenario, and I don't feel there is enough awareness about how incredibly difficult it is to manage the logistics of leaving an abusive relationship, not to mention surviving the emotional and phsychological impact they can have.  

Even with that degree of relative agility, starting over was among the hardest things I have ever done. Healing my heart and mind and finding a new place of strength within myself took years of dedicated work, and I had to fit that deep healing in around the very practical daily demands of physical survival. 

My life today is defined by so much more than one long chapter of pain, but I continue writing about it and speaking about it because my experience opened my eyes to the truly life and death importance of sharing our stories and lessons without shame. Shame is a powerful silencer, and it seems to grow when it stays hidden. I have met plenty of people who confirm my fears by judging me, rejecting me, doubting me, implying I am weak somehow or suggesting I am exaggerating when I speak about my experience, but rather than hide my story to "protect" myself from their perspective, I have grown to see my story as a powerful light that helps me quickly discern the people I want in my wild and precious life and those I do not. Their judgements are not my truth.

Whether I reach one person or one million people, I write as a way to add my story and my voice to the rising tide of honesty and self-compassion that I believe will one day defeat so much secrecy and shame and pain in our world. I write because I think it is vital to share our stories and our lessons and to learn from one another.

On a practical level, my experience anchored me in the importance of education, financial freedom, and economic empowerment as perhaps the most powerful tools a person can use to change their life. Internally, I have found transformative strength through pursuing my deepest goals and practicing passionate, compassionate self-love. These two sides of growth - the practical and the personal - are deeply interconnected and write about both as a way to both share with you and learn from you.

Why Wealthy and Loved?

True wealth of the soul is about more than money, it's true, but I have found it's difficult to step back into that bigger picture until our basic needs have been met. When my attention was consumed by how to keep the lights on, stay physically safe, build a stable future, and hold down a job while learning how to have healthy relationships again and sleep through the night, the wealth I cared about most had everything to do with very real dollars and cents and a growing bank balance.


I have by no means figured it all out in terms of financial health and freedom, but I have been learning a lot along the way, and I would love to share my continued journey as I go. I have noticed it can feel impossible to ever get ahead if you didn't start out ahead, and I would like to add to the resources and options available to change this. I write about Wealth as a way to encourage myself and others to develop both our material and spiritual resources as we grow toward our most authentic lives.

I write about Love because I believe it has the power to change everything. Time and healing have helped me understand that the many ugly words spoken to me during those hard years were nothing more than the voice of someone else's insecurity, inflated by a deep fear of their own failures and flaws. I have observed a similar voice in others when those they wish to see as weak continue to rise, and I would like to see these voices of fear grow quiet. I think when we nurture and nourish the Wealth and Love in our lives, we create a stable environment for the most authentic version of ourselves to appear. To me, this is truly beautiful and immensely powerful.

I speak about and share things here that move me and help me, from the deeply personal to the delightfully material, and I strive to embody and share a life that cultivates Wealth and Love in all its forms. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading.