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I write here about changing my life and taking control of my future.

I write about cultivating true wealth, meaning:

I want a rich inner life, and I also want to be financially free and empowered in my outer life. Wealth, to me, is the sweet spot that allows for both.


I write about learning from the past.

I try to write honestly about how hard things get.

Also how beautiful.

I write about love, sometimes.

I write about the loneliness and freedom of self-discovery.

I write about looking in the mirror when I need to remember who loves me.

I write because it's scary to be honest, but it's scary in a good way.

I write because life goes by really quickly, and this is how I capture things.

I write because it feels good to write.


I believe economic empowerment is fundamental for freedom, and I write about that sometimes.

I believe in the power of safe spaces, so I hope to create one.

I believe in love, kindness, and forgiveness, so I offer them readily. I don't think forgiveness means you have to let people back in.


I believe in holding boundaries forged from steel as an act of radical self-love.

I am here to share with you as fearlessly as I can because I think sharing our stories is like turning all of the lights on, and I want to live in a world that is a little bit brighter.